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10 tips to improve attitude in workplace

1. Always act with a purpose. Before you take any action, decide how it will serve your greater goals.  If the connection is weak or non-...

1. Always act with a purpose.
Before you take any action, decide how it will serve your greater goals.  If the connection is weak or non-existent, take that action off your to-do list. Aimless activity wastes time and energy.
2. Stretch yourself past your limits every day.
Doing the same-old, same-old is depressing, even if your same-old has been successful in the past. Success is like athletics; if you don't stretch yourself every day, you gradually become slow and brittle.
3. Take action without expecting results.
While you naturally must make decisions and take action based upon the results you'd like to achieve, it's a big mistake to expect those results and then be disappointed when you don't get them.  Take your best shot but don't obsess about the target.
4. Use setbacks to improve your skills.
Rather than feeling bad if you fail or get rejected, look back at your actions and see what you can do (if anything) to improve your performances.  Remember: the results you receiveare the signposts for the results you want to achieve.
5. Seek out those who share your positive attitude.
It's a scientific fact your brain automatically imitates the behaviors of the people around you.  (It's because of something called a mirror neuron).  Therefore, you should surround yourself with positive thinkers and shun those who are excessively negative.
6. Don't take yourself so seriously.
If you want to be happier and make those around you feel more comfortable, cultivate the ability to laugh at yourself.  If you don't (or can't) laugh at yourself, I guarantee you that the people you work with are laughing behind your back!
7. Forgive the limitations of others.
High standards are important, but humans are, well, human. It's crazy to make yourself miserable because other people can't do a job as well as you think you could, or when people don't share your vision with the same passion that you feel.
8. Say "thank you" more frequently.
Achieving an "attitude of gratitude" requires more than simply being aware of what's wonderful in your life.  You must, and should, thank other people for their gifts to you, even if that gift is something as simple as a smile.
9. Befriend your coworkers
Even if you have plenty of friends outside work, keeping good relationships in the workplace can have a positive impact. A report from Globoforce found that employees who have quality relationships with their co-workers are more likely to be engaged and happy at work.
10. Personalize Your Space
A comfortable desk chair, a fast computer and easy access to what you need to be efficient will help make your day run smoother. Decorate your office with a few personal items from family pictures to a recent vacation with friends. Bring in a plant or a vase of fresh flowers to create positive energy around you. Your attitude is contagious and your work relationships will benefit from your good mood.

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