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13 Reasons Why Everyone Should Want To Be A Leader

There are perks to leadership but there is also a price to leadership.   And that price is steep.  There is pain, sacrifice, disappointment,...

There are perks to leadership but there is also a price to leadership.  And that price is steep.  There is pain, sacrifice, disappointment, sweat, hard work, time, obstacles and financial responsibilities.  But what all successful leaders know is the price is more than worth it.

I was reminded of this fact after watching the video above.  After defeating the Indianapolis Colts 42-7 to win the NFC East championship, the Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett delivered the following post-game speech.
As I listened to Garrett’s words, I gleaned the following 13 Reasons Everyone Should Want To Be A Leader:
  1. Leaders Get To Celebrate Accomplishment – The Cowboys were experiencing sheer joy as they left the field and entered the locker room.
  2. Leaders Have Stronger Beliefs –  Because of the responsibilities leaders have, they simply own things at a deeper level than others.  Coach Garrett acknowledged, “I just believe this from the bottom of my heart.”
  3. Leaders Get To Build Up The Self-Worth Of Others – Some people have a poor self-image.  Leaders get to help others have greater self-confidence.  Coach Garrett said, “Be who you are.”
  4. Leaders Are Get To Live Lives Fueled By Deep Passion – When hiring people to join my team, I look for skill, work ethic and passion.  I define passion as owning the result.  Coach Garrett continually asked the Cowboys to “Own it.”
  5. Leaders Get To Accomplish Great Things With A Team – You can accomplish more with a team than you can by yourself.  Also, it is important to note life is best lived in the context of community.  It simply multiplies the joy of accomplishment.  Garrett proclaimed, “We did it.”
  6. Leaders Get To Call Others To Action – Leadership comes with a microphone and smart leaders often conclude their messages with the same phrase Coach Garrett used, “Here’s what we’re going to do”
  7. Leaders Get To Create Memorable Events For Others – Garrett memorialized the moment by having a photographer on hand.  He then said, “We’re going to have somebody take a picture of everyone with their hat on.”
  8. Leaders Get To Use Their Influence To Serve Others – Leaders either serve others or serve themselves.  Great leaders leverage people and resources to bring joy and/or relief to those in their sphere of influence.  Coach Garrett asked the team, “I want you to give it to someone you love.”
  9. Leaders Get To Cast Vision For A Brighter Tomorrow – Vision is the gift given solely to leaders.  Great leaders enjoy the moment but are always moving forward, always advancing.  He said, “As good as this is, our sights are set a little higher than this.”
  10. Leaders Get To Bring People Together – Great leaders are inclusive rather than exclusive.  They are constantly inviting and enfolding others in to a greater journey.  He said, “We’re going to get everyone.  We’re going to smash in.”
  11. Leaders Get To Leave A Legacy – Smart leaders understand they will have a legacy.  Therefore, they will do things which outlast their leadership.  Coach Garrett noted, “And we’re going to have this picture forever.”
  12. Leaders Get To Have Very, Very Special Days – He said, “This is a special day.  This was well-earned.”
  13. Leaders Get To Do It All Over Again Tomorrow – This is the greatest gift.  We get to do all 12 all over again.  Coach Garrett concluded, “We got work to do…We’re going to get back together again at 12:45 on Tuesday and get back to work.”
There is a great price to leadership but the payoff is substantially higher.  Why would you not want to be a leader?


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