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12 principles to success in life

 Author:  Preston Waters | Elite.  12. Do what you love We stress this over and over again. Money should never be your end goal or your moti...

 Author: Preston Waters | Elite. 

12. Do what you love We stress this over and over again.

Money should never be your end goal or your motivation. It has to be something greater than that. It is your purpose and what you become in this world. Doing what you love to do will allow you to give it your all and keep you excited while doing it. Find something that you enjoy doing, find your purpose and use your passion to propel you.

11. Massive action 

People set goals, have dreams and want different things in life, but never get them because they don’t actually start working toward them. They don’t take the massive action that is needed. People love to push things to tomorrow, but tomorrow never comes. It's about starting today and putting in that action that is needed.

10. Move in the right direction

Understanding the right direction and how to get there will help you more than you think. Things are not going to go quickly, in fact they are going to go slow and take time, but as long as you are moving in the right direction, that's okay. Success is a marathon, not a sprint.

9. Use the power of dreams and your imagination

What you see for yourself is what will manifest in your life. It's the law of attraction. But it all comes down to working towards turning it into a reality. Your dreams and your visions can influence your life if you manage them, think positive and chase them.

8. Think bigger than you are

If you look at successful people's mindsets, it's all about thinking bigger than they once were. It's about having no limits and understanding that anything in this world is possible if you put your mind to it. By thinking bigger, the only limit is what is possible. You're no longer limited by what you think is possible.

7. Focus on growth

Obstacles and challenges will always be in your way during your journey. It is about figuring out how to jump over them and continuing. Success is a problem-solving, solution-driven situation, and that is where growth comes from. Don’t ever get too comfortable where you are.

6. Determination is everything

If you are determined you can do anything you set your mind to. It's about finding a way to make it happen. Where there is a will, there is some sort of a way — even if you have to create it. When there isn't a will, that is when you should worry.

5. Clear vision

Success is about having a target. The problem is people don’t know how to create a target, so they are just shooting darts in the air, hoping to hit something. Having a target will allow you to aim where you need to hit and even if you come up short, you will still come closer and closer to hitting the target. Clarity is everything and understanding what it is you want will bring that to you. It's not a broad idea, it's focused and to the point. By knowing the destination you want to reach, you can continually look at your current path and decide if it's a route that will help you get where you want to go.

4. Set goals along the way

A final goal means setting the big picture and seeing your finished canvas. But your goals along the way are the paint that you use to get there. These goals should be specific, measurable, realistic, attainable and timely.

3. Use affirmations

Affirmations are what will keep you going along the long journey. It's the positive mindset of “I'm going to make this happen.” It's instilling belief in yourself. With affirmations, you are defining your own reality. By transmitting this positive energy into the universe, it eventually manifests into reality. As your mind adopts this view, it helps shape the world around you to fit it.

2.  Keep the right people around you

Negative influences and negative people will only hold you down. On your road to success, you need to keep all the negativity outside of your walls. Keep people and ideas around you that support your success and your belief in yourself. You are who you eat with and you are who you surround yourself with. Make sure you surround yourself with the people you see most fit and who will help you get to where you want.

1. Be grateful and appreciate what you have

The final success principle is to appreciate what you have already. Realize that — by sheer virtue of the fact that you can be reasonably certain you'll live from one day to the next — you already have enough. Appreciate what you've achieved so far, and see that what you want and where you're going, is not what you need or what you must do. Rather, these are things and actions that will make your situation even better. Being thankful and grateful will change your life dramatically.

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