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Job interview checklist 40 points

Job interview checklist I. Before your interview, make certain you have: 1. Updated haircut or a modern hairstyle. 2. Fingernails are clean ...

Job interview checklist

I. Before your interview, make certain you have:

1. Updated haircut or a modern hairstyle.
2. Fingernails are clean and manicured.
3. Shirt or blouse that's been starched.
4. Outfit that is appropriate for the situation, a pressed suit for example.

II. Questions to think about carefully beforehand:

1. Do you understand the position clearly?
2. What sets you apart from the other candidates?
3. What are 5 qualities that make you good for the position?
4. What strengths and weaknesses do you have, how do you improve your weaknesses?
5. What reason do you have for wanting to work at this company?
6. Why should you be hired by the company?
7. What type of skills and experiences do you have which qualifies you for the position?
8. What type of training or education do you have which qualifies you for the position?
9. What type of hobbies, or other non-work related activities do you have that makes you a better candidate?
10. What are some of your main accomplishments during school and previous jobs?
11. Are you able to go over each thing on your application or resume with details?
12. Are you able to fully fill your employment history out, including addresses, names, and dates for each position?

III. Things to do shortly before the interview:

1. Practice with a friend by setting up a fake interview.
2. Make a list of at least 3 names and numbers for references.
3. Do your research on the company in order to have a better understanding of who they are and what they do.
4. Ask around in your network to see if you may know anyone within the company that can provide beneficial resource for the interviewing.
5. Create a list of questions for the interviewer.
6. Write down detailed directions, make arrangements for transportation and be sure to arrive on time if not early.
7. Do your research on the salary range for the position you are applying for, this way you know what to expect with an offer.
8. Prepare and practice a “close” to the interview, including thanking the interviewer and showing interest in the next step.

IV. What to bring to the interview:

1. Additional resume copies.
2. List of business references including colleagues, clients, and supervisors. These can be letters of reference or names and numbers.
3. Written appraisals for work performances.
4. A briefcase or folder to hold your notes and pens.
5. An appointment book.
6. Pens and a notepad.
7. Letters for previous achievements.
8. Personal compensation history.
9. A portfolio of work samples like technical drawings, writing samples, or products you've sold or created.
10. If a recent graduate, bring college transcripts.
11. A prepared list of questions for the employer.
12. Any additional papers that may be required, such as social security card, passport or drivers license.

VI. The day of the interview:

1. Be early, by 10 to 15 minutes. Be sure to freshen up if needed.
2. Let the receptionist know you've arrived for your interview appointment and be polite as the receptionists first impression can be important.
3. During the interview be friendly, but professional. You should listen 80% of the time, while talking 20%.

VII. Follow up:

1. Write a letter by hand and mail it out to the interviewer that reminds them you are interested in the position, and thanking them for their time.
2. If you haven't heard anything a week after the first interview, contact the employer to get updated on the status of your interview.


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